Your Internal Gift

Chandra Hawthorne
3 min readDec 21, 2022


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Your. Internal Gift

Have you noticed that moving through life gets harder every day? I mean like physically harder? If you’re not there yet. “Keep living”, as the “old folks” use to say, about everything!

The message of that saying, I find is becoming more realized. I always saw this as some foretelling of the doom that was sure to come.

However, life’s hardships shouldn’t be seen as only hardships, but opportunities to be greater than we really are.

Today, I was studying about our inner man. That is our spirit. I notice as I mature and grow older I need to lean more on my inward man; simply because our bodies can only take but so much, for so long.

It’s a fact. Our physical body is made to deteriorate despite our best efforts.

As a believer, we know that our inward man is powered by, The Spirit of God. Therefore, as we lean on His Spirit our spirit is being renewed every day. So in the vein of hope, this is great news!

Hardships and difficulty are inevitable. We cannot avoid them. A natural man will try to power through, and then seek to understand why he cannot overcome the way he’d like.

The spiritual man sees hardships and difficult times as God’s way of trying to get his attention. And this is true, He is!

He is trying to bring our attention to the inner man that can overcome, what the natural man cannot.

God loves these opportunities! We don’t always love them because they are physically hard.

But where we are missing it is:

They are designed to be too hard for our physical bodies, so it forces us to pull from our spiritual man, the treasure within.

I must admit I have gone in and out of this one. We really must live in the spirit, to overcome the difficulties of the flesh.

My favorite quote right now is: “If all you see, is what you see, you will never see all there is to be seen.” — Pastor Tony Evans.

You may want to read that over and over and over, so it will sink in.

We tend to focus and act on what we see. You can understand how it becomes almost impossible to overcome difficult situations? At least permanently.

It’s a constant struggle.

It is because we are not looking beyond what we see naturally to understand the gift God has waiting for us through hard trials.

We must fight spiritually, to receive this.

You may not fully grasp this concept today but keep pondering on it. We should use these difficult times to become (blank). You should ask God to fill that in!

God wants us to become more like Him. Spiritual.

We were created to be great, like Him.

We were created to overcome, like Him.

We were created to rule, like Him.

We were created to die, and then become eternal, just like Him!

This is our internal and eternal gift!

When the inner man is strengthened, nothing physical can destroy us.



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