Who Did This?

Chandra Hawthorne
3 min readJun 20, 2022
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We can’t escape it. Every day we’re shaking our heads in response to some tragic news we’ve heard. Every time we look up, there is a mass shooting in places none of us would ever expect.

There was a time when we felt safe because we knew how to avoid areas that were unsafe, but sadly now everywhere is potentially dangerous.

The killing of innocent people at church, grocery stores, doctor’s appointments, and elementary schools have become common. It seems no place is off limits. Evil doesn’t seem to be taking any vacations because these occurrences are back-to-back!

Catastrophic events such as these can shake your faith in people, your country, and for some even God. The United States has become overwhelmed with unpredictable violence, and incurable disease.

We shouldn’t have to worry about being gunned down while grocery shopping. We shouldn’t have to worry about our kids not returning home from school.

We shouldn’t have to worry about breathing or hugging each other because we may contract a deadly illness.

So, who is responsible for this insanity, and what can we do about it?

Is it Politicians, Is it God, or the devil?

Laws are broken every day, and politicians have little power to change hearts. People do what they want without accountability to anyone. So, change must go deeper than that.

I am a firm believer in that when a nation forgets God, the results will show up society.

Every human being is allowed choices. We can decide to do good, and we can decide to do bad. God gifted us with free-will, and how we use that creates the world around us.

So, whose fault is this?

Let’s check that out in scripture:

When Gods’ people decided to reject God as their leader and demanded a natural king. He let them have that king, and they suffered great evil at the hand of their chosen king. An entire nation of people was driven out of their land, and out of the presence, and full protection of their former leader. God. You can find this in I Samuel 8:6–9.

Also, in the book of Exodus chapter 32, when a group of impatient Israelites rejected Moses as their godly appointed leader they were struck with plagues after building their own gods to worship. These are only two examples of what happens when we choose to reject God.

I know some may look at these examples as just “Bible stories” that don’t apply to today. However, regardless of what you believe our modern-day experiences cannot be denied.

We see it, we hear it, we live it. And we all know it was not always like this.

Right now, mankind has a huge problem that we cannot fix on our own, even though we caused it.

No politician is strong enough or moral enough to give us the security we need. There is no clear-cut remedy because we can’t agree on anything. Agendas on both sides of the coin prohibits us from healing as a country.

The United States use to be a country that stood on Godly principles.

“In God we Trust” is still printed on our money.

Every president to date is sworn in with their hands placed on the very Word they have rejected, and we wonder why our country is in turmoil.

Greed has taken over, and it’s every man for himself. Lives don’t matter, God doesn’t matter, only personal gain matters.

When everything goes, and there is no foundational truth to stand on, everything comes crashing down.

So, who did this? Humans did. So, how do we survive it?

We must pray for more grace and more people to join God’s army against evil. Without getting too deep and preachy this world is not going to last, but we know the Kingdom that is. We should all be looking in that direction.



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