That’s His Business

Why do we worry about things we can’t control; or wreck our brains over things we have a very low capacity to solve? Often, I find myself trying to predict and plan months ahead for something that may not unfold how I’m anticipating. Frankly put, perpetual worry is the result of us poking our noses into God’s business.

The Lord speaks in great detail about what His job is, and what ours is. Check it out in the latter part of Matthew 6. Somehow, we tend to forget that worrying puts us way outside of our “pay grade”. Maybe you’re like me, and you think the farther out you plan, and prepare the more peace you will have. This can be rewarding up to a point, but there is a fine line.

I admit. I am an over-thinker, and as a result, an over-planner. Over thinking, and over planning ushers in worry for me, and once that happens I hit a brick wall. Have you ever been so stumped that despair tries to creep in? When this happens, I start backing off.

We shouldn’t be overly concerned about days we haven’t been promised. We don’t even have the power to know if we will wake up the next day, yet we worry about it.

There is enough business in this current day that we are free to take on! Things as simple as being present for our family, playing with our pets, checking in on friends. Your business duties for the day. Praying for those in need. Giving to those who need you in this current day. Praying and asking God to reveal next steps for this day. Praising and thanking God for guiding and keeping you in this current moment.

I’ve recently learned a little trick to keep me from causing unnecessary worry and anxiety. As soon as I start to hit a tangled web I step back, and say; “Chan, that’s God’s business”.

You see, He promise to provide for us. He does it for the flowers and the birds. How much more will He gladly do for those in His image that expect the same.

We have to trust Him, He’s got this!



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