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Something’s Got to Go

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Why do we indulge in the things that make life hard? If most of us are honest most of the things that keep us from being our best we don’t like very much. Of course, they may seem beneficial in the beginning, but we all know where it ends up.

You know the saying; “bad habits die hard”. It’s difficult to stop doing something we’ve always done. Some of our habits are learned behaviors, modeled before us. We can fall into bad habits, and others can develop out of ignorance of its deadly consequences.

As a child, we dream, we learn, and evolve. But somewhere along the way defeat comes in and try to intercept the destiny that God has prepared for us, and possibly our entire family.

When God place something in us, it is not just for us. It is often much greater than you and me. The sad part about that is, if we don’t implement radical change, that something may never be seen by us, or our generation. But don’t misunderstand, His purpose will be done, by the next person who is willing. So why not let it us be you?

Do you know what needs to change? Do you know how to put the change in motion?

I was reading, (you guessed it) in the Bible in 2 Kings 22 about a young king of Judah name Josiah. Josiah was the youngest king to ever rule in Judah, he was 8 years old. His father was not a godly king and at kept the law of God away from the people. Furthermore, he set up idol gods for the people of Judah to worship, which pushed them further away from the Lord’s purpose, and His protection.

At the age of 26 Josiah became aware of God’s hidden laws while his workers were repairing God’s temple. When it was read to Josiah he was grieved and began to work hard to lead God’s people back to His law during his reign.

Because God’s laws had not been acknowledged or practiced in Judah for many years. They were on a collision course of destruction that would lead them into Babylonian captivity.

How do we change what seems impossible to change before our lives enslave us? We must turn back to God, there is no way around it. The only way to avoid danger is to turnaround and go back the way we came. Josiah found God’s law during “clean up” in the temple.

It’s time for us to clean it up.

Wanting to do things our own way is reminiscent of an ignorant rebellious child unaware of the dangers they face. God has already charted our paths. He knows what is on it. His words and instruction are what keeps us on a victorious path.

The moment we get off the path that God has laid, is the moment we begin to make progress hard. Because the opposite way of God is not predestined by Him. There are no preordain provisions there.

Judah’s course to be led into Babylon as prisoners was a result of their neglect of God’s laws, and they were taken into captivity.

Don’t be fooled to believe independence from God is freedom. Independence from God is bondage.

What clean ups can you put into place now that will lead you back into a peaceful liberated existence with God?



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