Rock or Sand, Where do you Stand?

Photo by David von Diemar on Unsplash

What are you working on right now? Do you have anything that you’re trying to build? If you’re reading this then I’m guessing you are, or at least thinking about it. Many of us have dreams and aspirations, and before any of that can be actualized it has to start with our belief system.

What do you believe about yourself? Do you feel qualified or capable to handle what you dream of? Many of us don’t start out being equipped for what we want. So we have to change what we know and believe about ourselves through faith, knowledge, and experience.

When my husband and I were in our late twenties we began to dream about owning a home. We would drive through upscale neighborhoods and say “Wow, I would love to live in one of these someday”. For a while that’s all we did was drive, look, and dream. Our initial belief was we could not afford any of these homes so why even go in. Then, one day after a little encouragement from friends we starting parking our car and going in. “I just want to see what a house like this even look like inside”, I’d say.

As we began looking the sales people would approach us as if we were ready and able to buy. They would ask “When are you looking to move?” My husband and I would glance at each other and share an inside laugh. “We’re just looking”, we’d say , and then quickly move through the house trying to lose the sales person.

There was no way we were ready to buy a $260,000 to $300,000 house,(That was a lot of money for a house back then, and nothing to wink at today either). Our income was good, but our credit was less impressive.

Nevertheless, we continued to drive through, get out, look, and talk with sales people. The more we did that our belief system started to shift. We began to see how owning a home like these could become a reality for us. We starting adding prayer, and God’s word to our desires and it became more and more of a possibility for us. And before long we were signing loan papers and moving into our first home at 27 years old. It was 4 bed rooms, 2 1/2 baths, and around 2500 square feet for $270,00.

And just like that, our dream was a reality.

Everything we do, or will do must start with some kind of foundation. Will you stand on Rock or will you stand on Sand?

I was reading Matthew Chapter 7 and 24 today. Jesus was teaching on two foundations. The Rock was compared to God’s word, and acting on it. And sand was compared to fleeting, unstable, and disobedient ways.

The Word of God is a strong foundation which lasts throughout eternity. It has been settled already. Sand is very unstable. It is loose and fleeting. Disobedience and going ones on way apart from a God is like shifting sand. We can not build on it. It will not stand underneath fear, doubt, and worldly pressure that will come.

We must know what we believe, and in Whom we believe. We must take the knowledge that we have of God, and what He wants from us to propel us forward. We have to move from knowing to acting. It’s the acting that counts.

If, we had never gotten out of the car and walked into that home builder’s sales office, my husband and I would have never become homeowners before the age of thirty. A testimony like this is about more than “that” house. It’s about a Rock! Faith building is like adding stone, on top of stone, on top of stone. This builds a strong foundation. It builds confidence in whom and what you believe. This small act of faith has lead to so many other success stories, and things that we never would have tried without having that first rock to stand on.

The Word of God says that I can do ALL things through God that strengthens me. Do you believe this? I do! All I have to do is look back at his foot prints, and all of the rocks that have been laid to build a monument of faith for me. This has lead me to where I am standing now. Not having everything figured out, but knowing Who does!

So, if you want to succeed in anything. Start evaluating your foundation. Where do you stand?



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