Don’t Give Up

Photo by Rabie Madaci on Unsplash

“I can’t do this anymore. I’m done. I quit.” I’m sure we’ve all said this more times than we’d like to admit. Truth is, there are a lot of things we should give up on like unhealthy habits, or bad company that bring us down. But, to quit on ourselves is something we should avoid at all costs.

Every human being is born with a unique gift. A gift to which special assignments are attached to, that no one else is expected to complete.

Traces of what we are meant to be are present from a young child. Therefore, the bible says, “Train up a child in the way they should go, and when he is older he will not depart from it”. This could also be interpreted, “It will not depart from him”. Meaning, we should always know what it is we should be doing, or at-least know what direction we should be going in.

It’s clear when we are kids what we are, what we love, and what gifts we have. Singing, tumbling, musical instruments, writing, storytelling, painting, building, articulate speech, protector, motivator). It’s all noticeable at a young age. But we grow up, complicate things, and it gets lost.

With any grace we will eventually find our way back.

I must remind myself that consistency and time will produce. What we develop takes root, and roots grow deep to ensure stability, and the only thing that can root us, is time.

I’ve known since high school that I wanted to be an Author and Writer, and I have accomplished this, however it has not been consistent. It has not brought me consistent income, and this is when you want to give up, and I have! But never for long, writing always calls me back.

At times, securing a successful writing career seemed like a far-off dream. I will get good traction and then it will slow down. I will become published get some exposure, and then it becomes slow again. Then, I ask myself “why is this so hard?”

The answer is inconsistency.. I start, and I stop.

When you’re a writer, you can never “NOT” write. We can’t give up. We must always write.

Daily writing is like sowing a seed into your future. Just because it doesn’t bring immediate exposure or income does not mean it’s not helping someone.

When we operate in our unique gifts we move with the intent to help other people. We aren’t motivated by money, (It helps!) But we would do “us” for free.

When we don’t give up opportunities eventually open.

I always look at what I write as a unique opportunity to help someone else. To share, and to inspire. To help someone see a little clearer and to know they are not alone.

When you operate in your gift in this manner you know that you can’t quit. People are depending on you even if they don’t know it yet, So

Let’s Keep Going!



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